June 22, 2015 -  La Rochelle

Distribution and production company Boulder Creek International (BCI) has today announced it has been chosen to distribute a new hour long documentary filmed by the Emmy-award winning director Mani Y. Benchelah.

“This is Exile: Diaries of Child Refugees”, produced by Make Productions in partnership with charity Save The CBCIhildren, is an extraordinary intimate portrait of child refugees forced to flee the violence of Syria’s civil war to neighbouring Lebanon. Filmed over a year, this beautifully shot film captures the hardship but also the overpowering strength that these children have in the face of such adversity.

Executive produced by Sian Kevill and Sarah Macdonald, the documentary film serves as a poignant reminder that next April the Syrian conflict will have been going on for five years. With no end in sight, audiences from around the world now have an opportunity to see a snapshot of life created by civil war through the eyes of the children involved.

This is exile


Executive Producer Sian Kevill said today : “Part of the documentary has been screened on the BBC Newsnight programme recently but we are very excited to be working with Boulder Creek International to get the film out to a wide international audience.”

Matt Jeschelnik MD of BCI said today; “This documentary film needs to be seen. It will stay with you for a very long time. We are delighted to take it to Sunnyside of the Doc in La Rochelle this week and look forward to announcing sales soon.”


About BCI:

Established eight years ago, Boulder Creek International (BCI) is a production and distribution company based in central London.

About Make Productions

MAKE Productions is a highly creative, international media company specialising in quality factual films for leading broadcasters. They are based in Singapore and London.